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Who we are.

I visited a large conference filled with vendors selling merchandise. (T-shirts, sweaters, Hooded sweat shirts, etc.) During this time, I kept overhearing people say, ” I like that, but I want one that says “this or that”, I want one in this color or even personalized”. It was then that I understood the importance of unique apparel and wanted to provide a service of uniqueness to Consumers.

Once returning to my home, I just could not get this vision out of my head. I spoke with my daughter and we began to share ideas and this began the start of Vivid Threads.

As a family business, we strive to ensure that all of our customers are welcomed with a warm smile and that they receive professional personalized service. We treat all our customers like family. So much so that we know each and every customer either by name or by their affiliation.

Vivid Threads has had its’ rocky moments, but we strive for excellence and with constructive feedback from our clients we have grown into who we are today. Building our customer base of continuous repeat clients.

Vivid Threads is a company that offers a plethora of apparel and novelties for Greek organizations, campaigns, fund raisers, home comings, church and family events, and much more.



Executive Administrative Assistant

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